Thursday, 18 October 2012

2D Theater

Here is an activity I stumbled across while planing my Drama/Theatre week. It is good for those kids that are creative but don't necessarily want to perform in front of crowds.

Simply print out the cut out here.

The end result is really limited by your imagination. Below is the one I created as an example for my group.

In case you were wondering here is the story that goes with it:

Once upon time and long ago there was a kingdom. The kingdom was a marvellous place, the whether was good, the soil fertile, the king was kind and the queen was beautiful. Everybody led happy lives. Well, nearly everybody. Not far away enough lived a vicious and blood thirsty dragon. He continually killed the farmer's sheep that lived on the outskirts of the realm. 

One day the farmers got together and petitioned the king for action.
"One day all our sheep will be gone, then he will eat us!" yelled one farmer.
"Once he is finished with us he will come after you!" yelled another.

The king knew something needed to be done so he got together all the smartest minds in his kingdom and they had a brainstorming session on what is to be done.

"Maybe we raise an army and kill it?" considered the army general.
"We could try and scare it off." suggested the head jester.
"We should just move, there is no point" lamented the leader of the pessimists society.

"I know what we can do!" chirped a young voice. The whole court turned to face the noise and found a young girl. "My mum is the best cook in the kingdom, her speciality is Satay Tofu. We can try and convince the dragon to eat that instead"

The king, who wasn't a fan of any of the other ideas, decided the young girl's idea was a winner.

They put a large tray of satay tofu out for the dragon. The dragon spotted it and gobbled it all up. "That is quite nice" the dragon belched.

From that day forward the dragon was a vegetarian. The kingdom was saved. The farmers were happy and the little girl's family became quite rich with all the orders of satay tofu ordered and paid for by the king.


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