Thursday, 28 June 2012

Buzz Off

This is a fun outdoor game that requires little equipment. It is also called Sharks and Islands.

It is a variation of Tiggy (or Chasey or Tag, depending where you are from)

One person is 'it' and the rest need to run away from him/her. 

The trick is they are only safe when on a marker and only one child can be on a marker at a time. There is always one or two less markers then people playing, which means there are always kids being chased. 

If one child is on a marker and sees another child approaching they yell "Buzz Off Sam!", which means that Sam cannot go onto that marker so Sam continues running. Sam then spots Julie, who isn't paying attention and yells "Buzz Off Julie!". This means that Julie must leave the marker and find somebody else. The game then continues on this. There is no real end point usually when they get tired.

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