Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Grand Prix Multiplication

Introducing a new section in this blog, educational website reviews. Every now and then I will bring you a good site, in my opinion, that can help your child excel in his or her learning.

Today we are having a look at Grand Prix Multiplication

This game is found on the Arcademic Skill Builders website. The have many good games for kids which I am sure I will be telling you about in the future.

What I like about this game is that it is simple and it is multi-player, as in you are racing against three real people. There is no need to worry about safety as there is no communication between players. Just knowing that you are versing real people can bring out the competitive edge in your kids.

Players are able to customise the colour of their car and their username, if they choose. The questions are of varying difficulty for youngsters so they do  not become discouraged. There is also a statistics page at the end to let you know how you went. 

No matter  your answer the car keep on racing. Every correct answer gives you a puff of speed.

You can either select the right answer with your mouse or use the number keys.

End result with placement, accuracy and correct answers.

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