Monday, 30 April 2012

Paper Ring Caterpillar

Paper Ring Caterpillar

Materials Needed
  • Different Coloured Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue/Tape
  • Markers or Pencils
  • Pipe Cleaners


  1.  Cut strips of paper about 5cm-10cm thick from your paper. The more you cut the longer your caterpillar will be. 
  2. Glue one strip end to end in an 'O' shape.
  3. Then glue other strips end to end through the rings so that they interlock like a chain.
  4. Cut out a circle to use as a face.
  5. Use the markers or pencils to draw a face on it, either realistic or cartoony.
  6. Glue or tape some pipe cleaners on for the antennae.
  7. Glue or tape the face to one end of your chain. 

This can be a good activity to teach young children about patterns. You can also decorate the rings before attaching them. See below for finished examples.


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